PulseFlowDF utilises cutting-edge wearable technology to combine two proven treatment strategies - offloading and intermittent pneumatic compression [21] - to optimise wound healing in feet.


This innovative Class II medical device features a biomechanically active but unobtrusive design and state-of-the-art construction materials to simultaneously increase blood flow, offload the wound and protect the foot from further injury [25]. Built-in monitoring software ensures accurate treatment data capture and optimal patient engagement with treatment.


After treatment the device mechanism is removed and the shoes retained by the patient to minimise the risk of repeat tissue breakdown and continue promotion of a healthy in-shoe environment.

I Have a Diabetic Foot Ulcer – How Can PulseFlowDF Help Me?

PulseFlowDF is a medical treatment that can give foot ulcers the best chance of healing. It combines two established treatments to reduce the pressure on your ulcer and improve the blood flow to it, helping it heal.

Patient Information

Every 20 Seconds Someone Has Part Of Their Leg Amputated Due To Diabetes

Diabetes affects about 415 million people globally [14]

Patients with diabetes have a lifetime risk of developing foot ulcers up to 25% [26]

Up to 76% of diabetic neuropathic ulcers remain unhealed at 12 weeks, and 69% at 20 weeks [20]

Diabetes is associated with 25-90% of all amputations [20]

Up to 68% of patients undergoing diabetes related amputations die inside 5 years [4]

Every year, more than a 1m lose at least part of a leg due to diabetes complications. That’s 1 patient every 20 seconds [14]

Treatment Options For Diabetic Foot Ulcers

The treatment pathway for diabetic foot ulcers varies widely between patients but professional guidelines[11],[12] include:

Debriding the wound back to healthy tissue margins

Applying sterile dressings

Improving blood flow to the wound site

Offloading pressure at the wound site and at risk areas of high vertical or shear stress

Antibiotic therapy to treat infection present or to maintain the ulcer free of infection

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Leg Clubs – A Great Organisation Doing Great Work

We’re very proud to support The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation, created to relieve suffering from leg ulcers and associated conditions through the implementation of an award winning model that motivates and empowers patients to take ownership of their care, alleviate their suffering and reduce the stigma attached to their condition. It also seeks to further advance education in all aspects of leg health among sufferers, carers, the general public and the healthcare professions.

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Founded in 2010, PulseFlow Technologies is a rapidly-growing, UK-based medical device company. We’re dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients throughout the world and partnering with healthcare professionals to develop cost-effective solutions to unmet medical needs.