State Of The Art Design

This innovative Class II medical device features a biomechanically active but unobtrusive design and state-of-the-art construction materials to simultaneously increase blood flow, offload the wound and protect the foot from further injury [25]. Built-in monitoring software ensures accurate treatment data capture and optimal patient engagement with treatment.

For An Active Life

PulseFlowDF is supplied with a left and right pair of comfortable, normal-looking shoes, one concealing the intermittent plantar compression and offloading mechanisms, and the other engineered to ensure good balance and associated patient safety. After treatment the device mechanism is removed and the shoes retained by the patient to minimise the risk of repeat tissue breakdown and continue promotion of a healthy in-shoe environment.

Wearable Technology

PulseFlowDF utilises cutting-edge wearable technology to combine two proven treatment strategies - offloading [9] and intermittent pneumatic compression [21] - to optimise wound healing in the diabetic foot.

With A Patient Focus

Worn during waking hours, the lightweight shin unit is inconspicuous under clothing, minimising the social stigma of treatment often associated with other treatment modalities such as removable cast walkers. In contrast to total contact cast therapy, the entire PulseFlowDF device is removable to enable patients to undertake the essential activities of daily living and to minimise the risk of contralateral tissue damage during sleep.

Performance Features and Benefits

A unique combination of multiple therapeutic, protective and monitoring technologies in one device.


  • Built-in offloader to redistribute pressure and control forward velocity
  • Robust intermittent plantar compression inflation mechanism for functional reliability and optimal performance
  • D3O® insole for maximum shock absorption and impact protection


  • Trainer-like appearance reduces social stigma and increases patient compliance with treatment
  • Deep toe box for enhanced patient comfort and tissue protection
  • Available in 9 sizes to ensure an optimal fit for all patients
  • Wide foot opening for ease of application on a broad range of patients, and to accommodate pads, dressings or oedematous feet


  • Built-in treatment monitoring software to ensure accurate treatment data capture and improve patient compliance
  • System alarms for clinician and patient assurance of function
  • Bioimpedance sensor to optimise patient compliance with treatment
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design for optimal patient comfort and unobtrusive appearance under clothes, reducing social discomfort and enhancing treatment compliance
  • Padded, breathable fabric for patient comfort and wearability


  • Supplied as a pair to reduce risk of contralateral problems and promote good balance for patient safety
  • Anatomically correct left and right shoes improve comfort, reduce social stigma and promote normal kinematics
  • Dual density heel construction to reduce strike impact and disperse pressure to minimise the potential for further tissue breakdown and associated knee and hip problems
  • Biomechanically designed sole to promote normal gait, facilitate pressure control, and increase clearance on swing gait to improve patient safety
  • Multi-layered insole for optimal patient comfort and product durability