Intermittent Plantar Compression

Intermittent compression enhances the healing of diabetic foot ulcers by augmenting the volume and velocity of peripheral blood flow. [15], [21]

PulseFlowDF features an integral IPC device that inflates beneath the arch of the foot every 20 seconds, for one second at 160mmHg.

NIRS Measurements

The following time series demonstrate the impact of PulseFlowDF's IPC using near infra-red spectroscopy. The data was collected by Professor Alexander Seifalian at University College London using a subject wearing a PulseFlowDF on the right foot (shown in red) and no device on the left foot as a control (shown in blue).

Microvascular Perfusion

Red Blood Cell Velocity

Red Blood Cell Concentration

“PulseFlowDF produced statistically significant increases in both oxygenation and flow of venous blood from the foot”

Professor Alexander M. Seifalian

Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, University College London