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PulseFlow announces Finnish Partnership at the Nordic Diabetic Foot Symposium

06 November 2018

COO Daniel Blackman is currently in Helsinki where he shares the platform with Henri Isojärvi as PulseFlow announces the strategic partnership with Kir-Fix to supply the PulseFlow wearable technology across Finland.  

Kir-Fix was established in Helsinki in 1992.  They supply hospitals, health centers, private clinicians and importantly directly to the patients.  They share the same goals as PulseFlow aiming to get their patients ambulant as quickly and safely as possible so that they can return to as normal a life as possible. Like PulseFlow, they invest a great deal in research and they assess products with Finnish specialists in healthcare.

Daniel said of the relationship…” The strategic fit between PulseFlow and Kir-Fix is as close at one can imagine.  We both want the best for our patients and we both work closely with our clinical colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for them.  Kir-Fix have seen the products and recognised the benefits of our wearable technology.  They want to bring those benefits to their customers as quickly as possible and we are delighted to be working with them to achieve that”.

The Nordic Diabetic Foot Symposium has been running biennially since 2014.  Their aims in diabetic foot care align closely with PulseFlow’s, actively promoting and supporting the implementation of best practice in the treatment of diabetic foot care across the Nordic countries.

For more information contact us on

Daniel and Henri can be found on our stand opposite the main refreshment area.

Daniel can be contacted directly on or +44 7809 144 960

PulseFlow Technologies to demonstrate vascular benefits at Medica 2018

02 November 2018

We are rightfully proud of our development from the technology company founded to improve the efficacy of diabetic wound care for the feet.  Over the eight years we have been offering our wearable technology our customers have seen great improvements in their patient outcomes.

We are continuing our mission to bring the evidence of our clinical trials demonstrating the vascular benefits for patients, irrespective of their primary morbidity, to the market. Work carried out at University College of London, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, has shown statistically significant increases in blood flow to and from the foot.

Dan Blackman, our COO, will be at MEDICA, 2018, with the product and will be there to demonstrate the findings of the research undertaken by Professor Seifalian at UCL.  

The product is actually a range of 3 specific items: 

  • pair of shoes sized to fit the specific patient.  Supplied as a pair to reduce contralateral complications. These are designed to be anatomically appropriate for left and right feet and they are created to look like training shoes (sneakers) to reduce the social impact on patients;
  • A shin unit that is the technological piece.  The unit contains the monitoring software which offers patient and clinician alarms and patient compliance monitoring.  Designed to be easy to use, comfortable and strong.  The unit is manufactured using high quality breathable materials; and,
  • A number of therapeutic elements designed to be worn inside the shoes.  These have a built in offloader, intermittent inflatable plantar compression and D3O® insoles for shock absorption and impact protection.

Dan will be delighted to see you in Hall 16, Stand G24-4.  

We will be with our colleagues from ABHI.

Evidence for Excellence

05 October 2018

'What evidence is there to support our current practice?'

The Vascular Society for Great Britain and Ireland are asking the above question at their 2018 conference theme 'Evidence for Excellence'.

As we gather insight and data on clinical trials currently using PulseFlow Technologies for a non invasive post operative aid to healing, we are continuing our mission to reach out and connect with Vascular Surgeons, Nurses and Scientists interested in wearable technology.

Wayne Roberts will be at the SEC offering a full device demonstration to help teams understand exactly how the PulseFlowDF surge increases blood flow using intermittent plantar compression.

Professor Alexander M. Seifalian - Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, University College London says, "PulseFlowDF produced statistically significant increases in both oxygenation and flow of venous blood from the foot”.

Want to know more... jump straight to the page showing PFDF results here NIRS Measurements and contact us on the number at the top of this page.

We believe in empirical evidence for excellence and look forward to meeting you on 28th - 30th November 2018.

View Vascular MedTech PFDF at ExpoMedical 2018 in Buenos Aires

12 September 2018

Attending ExpoMedical 2018? Why not meet us to understand more about how PFDF is an optimal device to stock and ideal to offer when distributing wearable technology solutions to vascular surgeons wanting improved post operative patient circulatory system results. PFDF is non-invasive intermittent plantar compression Class IIa medical device combined with dual offloading - suitable for treating wound healing issues in urgent need of oxygenated blood.

From 26th - 28th September, Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires becomes home to the largest healthcare sector event of the month. Products in the Medical & Pharmaceutical industry for Hospital Equipment, Medical Consumer Goods, Diagnostics, Laboratory Equipment, Disposables, Orthopedics, Electromedicine etc all showcased - along with our very own UK designed, globally supported PFDF.

To guarantee an appointment.with our UK team visiting ExpoMedical email: or call +441296678596.

Your time slot will be allocated for a dedicated 1:2:1 forty minute demonstration.

Te veo pronto!

Minimize Complications after Vascular Operations

29 August 2018

Diabetics are not the only patients affected by poor blood circulation. Those with vascular disease can face further complications when oxygen is unable to travel efficiently through the blood system, making recovery a slow and difficult process. The number of vascular operations has risen in the past few years because of the increase in vascular disease and diabetes becoming more common around the world.

According to the National Institute of Health, failure to heal and infection of the wound are two of the three most common non-vascular complications after surgery - both are caused by a lack of oxygen and nutrients supplied by the blood reaching the affected areas.

PulseFlow medical therapy helps the vascular surgery patient much the same way it helps the diabetic patient. The wearable technology helps to boost blood flow to the affected area, supplying limbs with the oxygen-rich blood they need to aid healing processes.

So, our breaking news is... originally intended for diabetics only, the PulseFlow DF is able to help vascular surgery patients too!

Interested in onboarding this innovative Class IIa medical device in your portfolio? Email

Team PulseFlow

23 July 2018

The team at PulseFlow Technologies continue to make a positive impact in the wound healing arena, connecting global medical Distributors with exceptional opportunities.

In-house developments earlier this year saw the appointment of Dan Blackman as COO. A qualified experienced Podiatrist and clinical lead specialist makes Dan ideally placed to oversee operations for the advancement of PFDF.

Alongside developing PFDF - our award-winning medical device for assisting Diabetic Foot Ulcer recovery, the broader potential of offering this device to Vascular Surgical teams is being developed for patients recovering from post-operative revascularisation surgery to ensure that presenting poor circulatory systems don’t delay healing and create poor patient outcomes. The larger category available to us increases clinical appeal without diluting our core product offer is a significant re focus and positive development.

Dedicated specialists, partners and associates look to Stella Withy, PFT UK General Manager to answer commercial matters.

The next half of 2018 will see us focus on establishing strong relationships in manufacturing and distribution channels. Interested in onboarding this innovative Class IIa medical device solution for lower limb issues in your portfolio? 

For further information, call Dan or Stella on +44 (0)1296 678 596. Alternatively, email


New Distribution Partners in Germany

27 July 2017

We are excited to have new business partners for Germany and "Medic Partners" of Frankfurt have placed their first order with us and were trained in late July. Germany represents our second biggest opportunity outside of the USA, and Medic Partner have already begun the process of applying for reimbursement for PFDF. They also see a good opportunity to make inroads into the "High Risk" foot insole market with our Class1 medical device insoles, Aresta and Preventa.

It will take a significant effort and time to gain reimbursement, due to the fact that there is no existing reimbursement catagory for PulseFlow DF to fit into, but Medic Partner will begin building clinical evidence through case studies to support this application.

There are around 6million diabetics in Germany, with 2- 6% of that population suffering from foot ulcers at any one time.

Best Business in Aylesbury Vale

30 June 2017

On June 30th, PulseFlow Technologies won the Best Business in Aylesbury Vale award from the Bucks Business First organisation. The awards were held at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury with over 250 business people in attendance. In a very competitive field, PulseFlow came out winners due to the innovative solutions provided and the huge business opportunity we are addressing globally. The judging panel saw great progress in our efforts to reduce diabetic related amputations, and the support we are receiving from Globally recognised Key Opinion Leaders. We have expanded in Aylesbury from our first 2 person office in 2012, to three office spaces and three warehouse spaces in short term premises. This is the third business award the company has received, and the whole team are very motivated by such awards, to keep pressing on with our amputation prevention mission. A globally successful PFT will reap benefits for the local and wider economies.