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Best Business in Aylesbury Vale

30 June 2017

On June 30th, PulseFlow Technologies won the Best Business in Aylesbury Vale award from the Bucks Business First organisation. The awards were held at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury with over 250 business people in attendance. In a very competitive field, PulseFlow came out winners due to the innovative solutions provided and the huge business opportunity we are addressing globally. The judging panel saw great progress in our efforts to reduce diabetic related amputations, and the support we are receiving from Globally recognised Key Opinion Leaders. We have expanded in Aylesbury from our first 2 person office in 2012, to three office spaces and three warehouse spaces in short term premises. This is the third business award the company has received, and the whole team are very motivated by such awards, to keep pressing on with our amputation prevention mission. A globally successful PFT will reap benefits for the local and wider economies.

New Distribution Partners in Germany

27 July 2017

We are excited to have new business partners for Germany and "Medic Partners" of Frankfurt have placed their first order with us and were trained in late July. Germany represents our second biggest opportunity outside of the USA, and Medic Partner have already begun the process of applying for reimbursement for PFDF. They also see a good opportunity to make inroads into the "High Risk" foot insole market with our Class1 medical device insoles, Aresta and Preventa.

It will take a significant effort and time to gain reimbursement, due to the fact that there is no existing reimbursement catagory for PulseFlow DF to fit into, but Medic Partner will begin building clinical evidence through case studies to support this application.

There are around 6million diabetics in Germany, with 2- 6% of that population suffering from foot ulcers at any one time.

Saudi Arabia 1st order recieved

31 July 2017

After nearly 2 years, PulseFlowDF has been successfully cleared for marketing by the KSA FDA. Part of the delay is explained by a global rebranding of the original Pulseboot product name to PulseFlowDF to better reflect the fact that our product is a Class2 medical device.

That meant the whole registration process had to be resubmitted due to the name change.

We had at one stage, specifically designed a sandal type footwear system to allow for the searing heats that can be encountered in Saudi Arabia.

As part of the design process it was interesting to understand that apart from "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", most people don't leave the air conditioning behind for too long, and that part of the legacy of neuropathy is that DFU patients don't sweat much or have a feeling of hot feet. We abandoned that design when it became apparent that it was impossible to design a sandal that prevented foreign body (e.g.small stones) ingress which could lead to tissue damage rather than healing.

Saudi Arabia is a significant market for us as a high proportion, maybe 30%, of the population are diabetic or pre diabetic, and we have in-market estimates of between 300-600,000 DFUs amongst a population of 25 million people.

We have chosen Advanced Medicine as our partners for KSA, and we are currently organising training dates in September.They have placed their first order with us, and we have agreed a deal that allows some free units to generate case studies in key opinion leader units.

We are planning training sessions that include many of the KSA key opinion leaders in DFU therapy.

KSA is also a key target market due to it's influence around the other Gulf States, and potential inclusion of our products on the wider GCC contract (Qatar relationships notwithstanding) at a later date.

We will now begin submitting an approval for Aresta, Preventa and FootForte class 1 products to the KSA FDA.