Optimal Offloading Benefits

Offloading techniques to reduce direct loading and dynamic shear forces on the feet are widely used in clinical practice to prevent and heal foot ulcers in diabetic patients

PulseFlowDF offers optimal offloading benefits by taking a bilateral approach to treatment and incorporating into its design an in-depth understanding of gait, biomechanics and the pressure and shear forces causing and contributing to the formation and slow healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

PulseFlowDF’s design is informed by an in-depth understanding of gait and biomechanics to promote a normal gait pattern and control the impact and shear forces exerted on the feet.

Locking the ankle, the use of a unique orthotic inside the shoe and the design of the offloading mechanism combine to reduce in-shoe stress while maintaining gait velocity.

Gait Pressure Comparison in the Same Subject

Removable Cast Walker (Left Foot)

Note the foreshortened length of ground contact on the left, the high pressures on the unprotected right side and the medially deviated pressure line.

PulseFlowDF (Left Foot)

Note the longer gait line, significant reduction in pressure on both sides and the centrally located pressure line.